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cognitive functions
cognitive functions

In the past couple of weeks through my employer, I’ve taken and received results back on leadership/personality types. In summary, I took the Meyers Briggs test for the first time since early college (forgot what I was but I think INFP?)  and was a bit surprised to learn that I am classified now as INTJ.  The parts that kind of surprised me were the Judging over Perceiving and Thinking over Feeling. In some ways after thinking about it more it makes sense but I guess I usually see myself as too soft when it comes to people so thus good to see I’m starting to be able to see the bigger picture better.

I also received feedback in the form of a 360 feedback survey. I had done this two years ago when I was part of the Fresno Unified Leadership Cohort, but the time and context is quite different in the business world now than coming from a classroom teacher! My main feedback before was confronting people; and it still is one of my weaker points.

In church this morning the sermon was on David and Goliath – not so much the grandiose things, but about how David just needed to ‘show up’ to be used by God to do great things.

One of my own biblical leadership heroes has always been Nehemiah because he:

  • Was bold in asking for money and time to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem
  • Asked God to simply “Strengthen his hands” (Neh 6.9)
  • Was resolute in times of darkness and attack
  • Was not a flashy leader, but led from example and resolve

In light of my personality type assessment, 360 degree feedback comments and essentially how I’ve been feeling lately at work, excited to continue to ground myself and lead from example into the future. I am most excited about being able to integrate my passions for “open everything” (educational resources, open source software products, open pedagogy/open educational practices) into my day job as opportunities present themselves.


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