Why I’m Moving to Santa Cruz

Note: My blog/website just got wiped out by my hosting service; we're working on restoring it. Until then, I'm starting with a fresh template and content!

The flipped classroom was going to change the education world in 2008. But as more teachers started trying it, they often realized students were uninterested in watching a whole video and the class-time itself – which was supposed to be then tailored to activities and thought-driven instruction – often was not.

When I started looking at better ways to serve my students in 2012, I thought I would have to create my own videos. I wasn’t happy with Khan Academy, and didn’t see much other quality content for middle school mathematics. Enter OpenEd in the summer of 2013. All of a sudden there were great, pre-approved videos at my fingertips already aligned to standards! OpenEd_Final

A year later OpenEd introduced assessments, and everything changed. Now students can take a formative assessment quiz, then watch only the video concepts they need too based on their responses. What’s more, the rationales in an OpenEd assessment give students hints (but not the whole answer) so they know what to look for in the videos.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 7.20.35 AM


There are other companies out there giving assessments and providing videos. But none I have seen do it in the way OpenEd is.  The name OpenEd itself demonstrates how access to content and learning activities should be free to all students, something I’ve been passionate about for two decades. OpenEd is committed to this as well, with over 2,000 free assessments written by a (paid) team of content specialists. The Premium subscription more than doubles the amount of assessments for every K-12 ELA and Math standards! It’s really an amazing deal for teachers and schools to give kids an opportunity to practice skills needed for success.

My job will be Lead Content Curator. I am responsible for making sure all of the content on the site is aligned to the correct standards and helping to think of ways to engage students and teachers to learn standards, skills, and concepts!

And… being based near Santa Cruz  – 10 minutes to Redwoods and the ocean – helps! 🙂

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