OpenEd happenings

A lot has been happening in the OpenEd World!

Since being acquired by ACT on May 1st, work has been busy. The main part of the job has not changed for me – still curating resources and associated work. But it’s been a welcome repurpose of sorts and much needed reimagining of how the work that OpenEd has been engaged in can spread to more students.

I’m getting to spend a lot of time examining standards and how those interactionswork , learning a lot of new technology (dabbling in SQL databases, learning about flat file csv’s and related things), and having the time to think deeply about how to best implement resource-related challenges. I’ve been thinking and doing a lot to help make OER accessible to all and have realized I really need to be able to program (learning Go, but might need to back up and learn how Java or C works first) to do that. I’m hoping to present on OpenEd and standards-based machine learning stuff at some conferences in Boston and looking forward to some California Math Council related work coming up soon as well!

I’m loving my job, learning a lot of new things, and finding balance between work and family in beautiful Los Gatos as well. Happy recent one-year anniversary of moving to myself!

I’m thinking about starting a new blog to talk about using OER and FOSS throughout education – currently at but eventually – the folks who run “” asked me to send an email to their trademark office. Essentially I haven’t yet seen a good guide that shows schools how to embrace open source software as well as OER to provide an environment that all students would be able to use with minimal cost and maximum creativity. Students hacking their own school software? Yes, I think they should!

Check out our new Google Docs Add on tool !

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