Happy 2016

You read that right. If there’s anything life has taught me this year, it’s that optimism is the killer app of life and it serves one much better to look forward than backwards.

2015 has been probably the best and most confusing year I’ve ever had. I left the stability of the public school system for a startup. Most days I’m so excited to go to work in the morning it’s what I wake up thinking about and I work on ‘work’ when I get home. Basically just like teaching, except no students for motivation – motivated by helping teachers – now it’s something that I really have to work at.

My goals for 2016 are to learn to do more basic programming, particularly in Perl. I also want to learn more about building demonstrations in Mathematica, Desmos, and Geogebra together for use in OpenEd and my personal mathematical explorations for the day when I go back into public education.

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