The Open Education Ecosystem

The image on my Twitter profile (albeit sort of ugly because I made it in Google Draw for now) represents what I hope to see in the future of education. I didn’t come up with the idea but I’ve been playing with/thinking about FOSS in schools since at least 2001. More recently I read a book by Charlie Reisinger about what his school system has actually DONE in Pennsylvania with open source software!

The Open SchoolHouse is written for those who are in educationand probably should know a bit about technology like Linux, Apache etc to really get excited about what they’ve built over there in Penn Manor. Administrators would love to hear about it as well when he talks about the student-run helpdesk and other cost savings!

I took my current job at OpenEd because I was very interested in the idea of freely available, remixable educational resources – both creating and curating them. I’ve been excited to see more consumer devices being built on top of linux (chromebooks, android phones etc), and while Google Docs aren’t open source, they export to anything and satisfy the 5 R’s of OER albiet not the part of ALMA that talks about proprietary software because you have to give up privacy in order to use Google services.

So I made this diagram to represent and guide my thinking. I feel like we’re almost there already, but still don’t have open source alternatives in education to things like SIS’s, curriculum mapping tools (spreadsheets? no thanks…), and probably a few other things I haven’t thought about! oepoer-1


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