IMS Global Fall Quarterly, Ann Arbor Michigan

This was my second IMS conference but the first quarterly meeting. I knew it wouldn’t have the conference feel of Learning Impact from May but wasn’t sure what else to expect.

It was like drinking from a firehose a bit, but well worth the trip in both cost of money and time. I was most interested in the sessions involving CASE because I am as deeply involved in the OpenSALT project as one can be without contributing actual code (and I’ve started to do some of that too!).

The first session I went too was about the integration of gradebook services – OneRoster, CASE, etc. Now that CASE identifiers are being incorporated into all of the next version of the other IMS standards, it is important to be consistent in how it is called and referenced. Also a bit of a history lesson of previous educational tech standards was done which I found very interesting, having no previous context. The basic premise was to see how all of the standards interact on a structural level.

The CASE session Wednesday morning was a solid discussion going forward about how the CASE standard is well on its way to being well used, already with using it to publish their frameworks as well as other larger organizations coming onboard soon. One interesting piece of information was that we won’t be talking about updating the spec for a few months now, which makes sense to get everyone onboard with using it. CASE is more than just a way to store information about competencies, but eventually will also be a way to visualize their connections and finally have a clear path going forward when state standards are updated or created for the first time. CASE will allow for better OER adoption through more consistent standards identifiers at the digital level.

Probably the best session was the last – an explanation of a new way to search LOR’s (Learning Object Repositories). Aside from the fact my boss is the committee chair… I’ve been hearing about it and reading some of the documents before but this was really a walkthrough and discussion of all of the different fields and I think I understand more about it for the first time. It will really help people find the right resource at the right time efficiently.

Great times meetings at night with the CASE folks, OpenSALT team, and Karaoke with random IMS’ers as well!

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