CMC South Social Media Recap and thoughts for North

This was my second CMC South and I came with great expectations! My priorities were to continue to increase social media participation and help generate excitement and cohesion around CMC’s conferences online via Facebook Twitter etc.

Here are the two storify’s that have been published a few times since then from the CAMathCouncil account:
To create them I waded through about 7K tweets either from tagged @camathcouncil or #CMCMATH ! 🙂 Last year only about 3K tweets to look at across both days!

Reflections for North

1) Pre-schedule tweets and reminders of periscope times through . For free, it has scheduling and more advanced analytics about how certain tweets are doing, etc.
I plan on having 50+ tweets scheduled before the North conference even starts for the things I know I’ll want to be tweeting about anyway.
There were about 400 periscope live views or views of the recordings, and since Math Forum recorded and uploaded them within 24 hours we didn’t need to worry about uploading our recordings.
2) Don’t try to do it all 🙂  I tried to be the guy to periscope/take pictures of certain sessions etc throughout the weekend but honestly it was just too hard. I was boarding buses or walking between venues or one person I’d committed too was at the opposite end of the conference from the next presentation, etc… Asilomar is smaller so not as huge of an issue at least.
3) The Booth was a great spot for pictures and people appreciated it. I didn’t have time as I’d hoped to schedule times to teach people how to twitter – but I think next year I think we just post a sign or have it in the program  like “lunchtime Friday learn how to use Twitter or find online resources” etc.  It was popular for people since across cool cats like the math Forum and the other CMC booth. I’d say well worth it, thanks Jeannie! We don’t really have a booth presence at North because it’s smaller which is fine, but the #MTBOS #CMCMATH  at South really was a great hang out space. I’d say we bring Pumpkin Pi next year!
Personal highlights included being able to go out to dinner and drinks Friday night with some #MTBOS guys and girls I really respect. And just being around Math people was rejuvenating in many ways. Can’t wait for Asilomar in a few weeks!

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