The Polygon War

I wrote this as a comment on a friend’s post and wanted to share it here.

The post:

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My response:

The General had been fighting the Polygon vs Circles War (historical note: 0 to 360 ANGLE or approximately 4000-6000 AD) for what seemed like forever. Skirmishes on the Great Plane had taken their toll on the forces, often forced to use the Z axis plan to escape the battlefield (and they were never seen from again, although some claimed to see ghost shapes moving in and out of the (x,y) axes. . Over time one group had emerged as the dominant rebel force – the parallelograms. Infighting had occurred between squares and rectangles – squares insisted they were not a splinter group but the rectangle contingent ended up crushing those rebels. At the battle of Rhombus, some squares took so much damage as to lose the 90 degree corners that had so defined them and a new shape type was born – named after the battle where they were first seen. Now there was a rumor of another new shape formed from rectangles or squares as well that was threatening the very definition of a Parallelogram. It only had two sides parallel and was often irregular – or so the stories went. The General didn’t’ believe it – probably just a pentagon with a short side he reckoned (and pentagons themselves were just a variant born from of the triangle revolt of 180 ANGLE). Still, it was something to be considered dangerous as those could be nasty competitors when encountered on the battlefield. Finally as he moved between two parallel lines he noted a strange intersection point ahead. It was blurry at first but then he saw something – it looked like a rectangle as he faced it but as it turned he saw one corner had been ripped off and now repaired. There was one side where its rectangle roots were clearly visible – 90 degree angles and all – but there was something different. “How can it be part of the parallelogram family yet only one side parallel?” he muttered. As the shape got closer he got his triangle angle sum Formulator ready to fire. The strange shape however stood up so that both of it’s bases were now perpendicular to the earth and exclaimed: “If you Formulate me, you’ll see I am still a quadrilateral! The only thing different is my area formula will not compute as a rectangle – but I can prove my lineage. I am a new shape in town – a trapezoid.”


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