Short idea about NCTM Elections

This is a short response to:

Every wanna-be elected official is talking about creating community, NCTM leadership etc. What I’d really like to see is this:

  • People are better than, “resources”.
  • We know there are a ton of talented math teachers.
  • Many NCTM teachers have deep knowledge in things like equity, Desmos, Geogebra, OER etc
  • Create a badging system (mozilla Open Badges) and have members identify their interests etc – make it searchable for members-only and have that link to their social media profile of choice… twitter, Linkedin etc. Most teachers that are really into certain topics have their own professional websites as well for other teachers. Let’s link everyone up much like the current MTBOS search engine.
  • Having another repository of content wouldn’t do any good because it’s already out on the web just in disparate places. Being a driving force of curated, assessment to instruction to leadership is needed and NCTM’s job as part of supporting new and experienced educators.

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