My Math Story

Valentines Day was this past weekend, which historically was a chance for me to triumphantly also exclaim, “One Month until Pi Day!”. This year, not being even in a school district… not as much. Last year I even went to Computech (my old

Pi Day 2007
Pi Day 2007

school) for Pi Day celebrations and was not disappointed.

This year, with the absence of students, I’ve decided to tell my personal math history. It’s not what everyone probably thinks – but full of twists and turns. Some of it might be boring, and it will mostly be all about me and my personal journey (I’ll reveal enough so anyone reading who knows nothing about my past will be able to understand). I’ll divide it up into three parts:

  1. Elementary-High School
  2. College
  3. Teaching

I would expect a blog post a week, although I’ll start working on the first one tonight(they are now linked above!). I feel it is important to tell this story not just for myself, but for others who may read it and realize that their story of their struggles and triumphs with math is important.

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