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In 2014-2015 I moved into professional development after 9 years in a mathematics classroom. My official job was technology-related, but I quickly moved into other roles as needs arose, such as literacy training… there were some great parts of the job but also I realized working higher-up in a district and not directly on content wasn’t a place I wanted to be right now.

So I stopped blogging, often because I couldn’t say anymore, “Today my students did this activity,” and I felt presumptuous to say, “If I were in the classroom today, I would…”.

However, a recent conversation with a friend (@serratore4) convinced me to get back in the saddle. Just because I’m not in the classroom doesn’t mean I have ideas to contribute! I’ve also started getting involved with the CA Math Council, which I’m very excited about… things I didn’t have time to do when I was coaching triathlon and mountain biking year round plus water polo and swim teams.

In keeping with the #MTBOS challenge to read and blog, I read a post from “In between the Numbers“. I’d added this to my bookmarks a while ago and since the author lives in the Bay Area which I now live in too, thought it’d be good to start off with.  I was saddened about the post about losing a student. I lost several students in Fresno as well, so could definitely relate and made me want to reach out to my former students I keep in touch with again and make sure they were ok! That feeling of feeling involved in someone else’s classroom hadn’t hit me in a while – normally for the past year and a half it was more of a,” What can I learn here,” whereas this blog reading was much more personal; I could feel the love for the students in her voice.

So I’ll be blogging more often. Not about me, but about math, about education technology, about doing the right thing to help students. I don’t really care who reads, I don’t care about having a shared insight on twitter, I just need to start writing again – because my ideas are valuable!


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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words about my post. It has been heartwarming to see how many people–those I know and those I don’t–who have shared their compassion and support with me after reading it. I hope you got in touch with some of your former students!

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