Mathematical Mindsets Book Study

Note: Please see this updated post! 

I was going to start journaling my thoughts as I went through Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler, but then I stopped.

Why not make it more social?

So I’ve stopped after chapter three and instead today set up a facebook group and schedule for a book study! We will start in January of 2016 and do a chapter a week. Discussion will probably take place on Facebook, although I was also thinking we may try to organize the whole thing on something like Ryver/Slack/ for a 21st century approach that is less spammy.

Most people who have signed up are people I know, but would love to expand the group a bit! Even if you’ve already read it or are reading it… always great to revisit!

4 thoughts on “Mathematical Mindsets Book Study”

  1. We are getting ready to start a book study with this book with a group of middle school teachers. I’ve never done this before so I was looking for ideas and discussion questions and happened upon your site!

    1. I too am getting ready to do a book study. Wondering if you had questions/outline available. Thank you for any help on this

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