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When I was 14, I learned basic HTML from tutorials I could find on the internet. After a couple years I was making tables, animations, and formatting, but once things got more WYSIWG, I stopped. I tried picking up Java because it was the hot programming language of the late 90’s, but made it through one or two chapters of a book on it before giving up.

Flash forward 15 years, and coding has become an increasingly mainstream topic and something that we should teach our students. In an age where kids won’t be able to take apart their computers and add things as much like I was, learning the internals is just as good.

At my job a month or so ago the boss suggested that I learn the Go Language, by Google. It’s been slow going as there is a ton of syntax and even command-line stuff that I just forgot, not having had to use the command line in about 10 years and never programming a real language like this before. The hardest part has been not knowing where to start – like what a package is, or where to put a function etc. Some resources I’ve found helpful that were suggested by colleagues:

I was talking to a colleague the other day and we noted that the cool thing about learning is that almost every time we sit down to learn something new, we incrementally get better. It is frustrating not to be able to just sit and learn and do it all at once, but it’s a process I’m trying to be patient with.

Coding should definitely be taught in schools instead of say, keyboarding for sure… and incorporated into math classes when applicable!

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