Upcoming Math Conferences

For the first time, I’m able to take time to attend the CMC conferences South and North this year! Previously I wanted to go, but either couldn’t afford to attend or couldn’t take the time off work because this was always the end of Water Polo season.  I’m going with OpenEd’s blessing but specifically to do some work for CMC around generating more buzz on social media.

My goals:

  1. Meet people from the #MTBOS: I have interacted with on some level but have not met Andrew Stadel, Robert Kaplinsky, Fawn (I know she won’t be there) Nguyen, and others that I know might be there. I also hope to connect with fellow adjunct professors of math or education technology, as the Fresno Pacific side of my life is something I really enjoy and am quite involved with as well.
  2. Recharge with mathematics: I had a chance to go to a CMC Executive Board meeting last month, and just being around fellow passionate math educators was amazingly refreshing. I’m the only math teacher at OpenEd and last year doing PD, I didn’t get to do near as much math training as I wanted.
  3. Connect: I’m going as part of trying to help CMC better unify its branding across the internet, so will be helping users get on twitter and engage with one another during and after the conference. Booth 104 🙂 We also have some awesome “twitter frames” people can use to post on twitter that have the hashtags #CMCS15 and #CMCN15

I’ll be getting in Thursday evening and leaving very late Saturday night (my family will coming down part of the way and staying with relatives in Los Angeles – I waited too long for a hotel so am at a Motel 6 somewhat nearby).  So it’s sort of a bonus trip for that, although it’s a long drive from San Jose to Palm Springs in total so we’ll take our time getting back!

Hope to see you there!

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