Quick ideas on Questioning

I started thinking about this a few weeks ago during the #MTBOS blogging initiative, and also in relation to the university classes I teach. I feel all of these would be completely appropriate and possible with upper elementary on up. This particular post was inspired by a Voxer group I just joined.

    1. Instead of in-class presentations, have students create screencasts of their interactive presentations and make them interactive with Zaption.
    2. Have students create TED talk-style podcasts and use Soundcloud to comment on them along the way. I’ve found that when focusing just on the audio, you can get a tighter presentation. I also once made them submit to me two different files – their practice essentially – then they were supposed to listen and resubmit! This worked VERY well even if it was annoying to them…
    3. In Google Classroom/GAFE, have students grant comment-only privileges and share with one another – what you grade is the comments/questions they ask about each others’ presentations. In math this might look like, “Is this the most efficient formula to use?” or, “What other ways could you have tried to solve this?” etc.  (Note: Not my screenshot/got it from Google)

What are other ideas you have?

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