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One of my absolute favorite tools that I use in my Fresno Pacific classes is Zaption.com   – so much so that I pay for the premium version on my own. I use it to have embedded discussion on awesome lectures from the likes of Alan November and Sugatra Mitra. (I also use the ed.ted.com interface). Since Zaption integrated with Moodle via LTI, it saves me a whole bunch of trouble as well in regards to grading.

Three Ways I use Zaption in Higher Ed (audience: Teachers)

  1. I used to have students watch a video then do a forum post on it. Now, I ask students to mark a quote that they loved and write about it within the video stream, then others can comment on that and suggest ways they would apply that into the classroom, etc. It’s a MUCH more dynamic class.

2) And of course, I can use the tools from Zaption to provide what is essentially formative assessment on the principles and technology itself in my class. When I do a screencast lecture on how to use a certain technology tool, I also have uploaded that to Zaption so students can comment on where they got confused or want to see more information; that I can then provide. Paired with PiApp, I feel like this semester I always know what my students are struggling with or have questions about!

3) Finally, I always suggest to my teacher-students that they have their own students create zaptions as well! I would grade my students based on the quality of the question – does it cause others to think deeper about the topic or is it very surface level?

Those are a few use cases, but check it out if you haven’t! Zaption.com

*I am not affiliated with Zaption for money in any way. I’m a Zaption Pioneer and have been since before I worked for OpenEd.

2 thoughts on “A Tool I use in my Higher Education Class”

  1. Nice!!! I have a few videos in my upcoming courses I need to try this with! Glad to have you teach the MA candidates how to use this and then they can continue use in the program!


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