New Role at ACT!

Monday November 6 will start a new era in my career as, “Lead Assessment Specialist,” at ACT. The title is similar to others I’ve had over the years (Lead Content Curator, Senior Manager, Teacher on Special Assignment…) but the work is a new, more technical direction! I will be known as the Business Owner (in Agile Development) for the OpenSALT tool within ACT. For the past year I’ve been working with the OpenSALT Consortium as the primary ACT representative, and performing SCRUM Master duties, etc. while overseeing the content curation pipeline and staff for OpenEd.

This past month OpenSALT was used as the tool to launch the ACT Holistic Framework. As ACT devotes more resources to the project more stakeholder communication and coordination is required. This will be the first job I’ve ever had not directly working with content/curriculum, which will feel strange – but on the other hand one reason I was chosen is because of my extensive content/academic standards knowledge. Basically I started out as a consumer of content and standards (teacher), then a trainer of teachers, and this is the next step on helping those who actually create the content and standards themselves at the technical level.

I will certainly miss working directly on OpenEd and the educational resources there! I was the first educator who had used OpenEd in my classroom in to be hired on full time in 2015. The details are still unclear a bit to me – Adam says Lisa encouraged him to ask me – but when I was initially asked to join the team, it took me by surprise. Regardless, I took a job requiring a skillset that far outmatched what I initially had (unbeknownst to me!), and ran with it. I am proud of the work we have accomplished at OpenEd and am excited to continue to watch the usage and application grow as integration with ACT products increases. If anything, having someone with fresh perspective on OpenEd’s current place in the market ecosystem is needed and I was probably holding it back.

Thank you Adam Blum and the entire OpenEd team for supporting me, helping me grow, and to ACT for this opportunity! I am looking forward to being under the leadership of Donna Matovinovic in Assessment Design and working even more closely with colleagues at ACT to empower students, educators and employers.

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